Monday, December 5, 2016

introduction to Lohbado youtube channel

click on picture to see video. On a rainy day last week Lohbado made an attempt to provide an introduction to the Lohbado youtube channel, during a bike ride along the Lachine Canal in Montreal. While editing sequences, he deleted a lot of baloney and did his best to keep something semi-intelligible. The trouble with creating video; at the time it seems cool, but then you look at it a second time and wince. The wise thing would be to abandon the effort. However, Lohbado isn't wise. He persists. It's part of the creative process. Lohbado views video making as an art form, similar to painting.

Instead of using paint on canvas, Lohbado uses video mode of his camera to record color, form, motion. With a camera, one composes scenes and allowing room to move about and to even speak a little poetry, stories or silly chatter. The urge to create and communicate is a basic human instinct going back to prehistoric times. Art objects have been found dating back to 60,000 BC.

A proper introduction to the channel would require careful planning and organization. What was Lohbado thinking? Did he honestly expect to be able to provide an explanation during a long bike ride? Well, in this case, he's dead on. This is the Moronovian Way, to interact with situations as one drifts through the river of time. Whatever you say will not be the whole story. It's a case of picking and choosing. A topic could be explored from many angles, narrative, conceptual, psychological... The sky is the limit. The main thing is to have fun. Lohbado frequently told himself: don't take yourself so seriously.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

baloney badoozle

ink on paper

Lohbado worked with baloney until he reached the level of Balonics expert. Baloney is a cheap and easy snack, a comfort food. There's loads of it available.

Friday, December 2, 2016


in Notre-dame-de Neiges Cemetery Montreal
Anxiety comes and goes in waves. It could happen to anyone for a wide variety of reasons. It could be change in the weather, life challenges, relationship problems, money problems. The way of the world is an ocean of seething emotions, ego battles, conflict, sickness and eventually death. Sometimes it feels like too much. One wakes in the night, heart pounding, in a sweat, the whole body in pain, as if the system is ready to shut down because it feels as though pressures of having to exist are more than one can bear.

Lohbado has no answer, no ultimate solution. Life could be viewed as a process, like a river flowing to the sea. Lohbado coped with anxiety by riding the bicycle, setting aside time every day for meditation, reflection, contemplation and pursuing anything creative. Lohbado enjoyed photography and making videos.

It's nice if you could find somebody to talk to. Some people are willing to listen. But be careful who you choose. Many people get irate, even angry when you mention your pain. Everyone is in pain. Maybe the person you complain to is suffering worse than you. Nobody has it easy. Sometimes it's best to listen to the other person. Maybe the other person's pain is a lot like your own. So then let the other person do the talking and one could learn from each other.

And if all else fails, go down to the river and cry your heart out. That's what Lohbado does sometimes. Go somewhere, to the graveyard, to the canal, to a weeping wall and unburden your heart. Enjoy a session of lamentation and prayer.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

American thanksgiving

 Maggy and Seth hosted a traditional American thanksgiving dinner. Seth was born and grew up in San Francisco before meeting Maggy and settling down in Montreal about ten years ago. More pictures after the jump

Friday, November 25, 2016

to calm down

digital painting by Lohbado
Lohbado woke again at 3 AM in a sweat, heart pounding. He turned on the bedside lamp, took a deep breath, then went to the Tabernacle to say a few prayers of aspiration and supplication to the deities of the infinite cosmos. As he breathed out, he let go of thoughts and visualized a clear summer sky above the ocean. The image of vast sky and ocean waves calmed his mind.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

lucid dreaming

digital painting by Lohbado
Lohbado dreamed friends invited him into a medieval stone house overlooking a lake in the mountains. They showed him to a room on the second floor. As he lay on the queen sized bed, demons came out of the closet and started poking his chest with spears from the antique display cabinet downstairs. They pierced his flesh and bones, without drawing blood. Then another demon reached its hands into his stomach and began tearing his stomach inside out, as if his stomach was an old purse made of a hog's ear with silk lining.

Lohbado broke into a sweat. He tossed and turned, before realizing it was a dream. To dissolve the fearful scenario, he visualized Grandmother Aida entered the room with a large crystal glass of brandy mixed with Jagermeister. Moonlight through the window gave it a warm ruby glow. He sat up in bed and accepted the ritual beverage. Grandmother vanished. His body sank into calm and serene waves. He then slept like a baby until sunrise.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

the power of light

digital painting by Lohbado
In the middle of a dark night of tossing and turning, Lohbado rose from the bed and turned towards the light.