Thursday, October 8, 2015

finite and infinite

A creature evolved from one of Lohbado's painted books. It began with a gut feeling, a sensation in the stomach. The stomach is like an alchemist oven. One transforms substances and sorts them out into nutrients and waste. Maybe this is the basis of moralistic duality, of good and bad. If one could see through the moralistic screen, in fact it's all worthy of respect, the process of being alive. Body and mind are two modes of the same substance, which is being, or nature. One occurs as the result of a natural process, the lust of a man and woman, sperm and egg. A creature is born and grows to adulthood and eventually becomes a corpse. If one could tune into the larger picture of nature and the infinite, one could get beyond feeling good or bad about the limitations of one's body or mind. On one level, body and mind are made out of the same substance as the infinite. However, body and mind are finite occurrences, like a musical performance, but music is infinite.

Or the body mind situation is like a circle, with a circumference. Inside and outside the circumference is infinite space. Without space, there would be no circle. The circle is a finite expression of infinite space.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

worldly concerns

It’s easy to be under an illusion that you’re somehow special. One could spend decades confused. Maybe one day the fog clears. One wakes up to realize one is no big deal. One is a regular human like everyone else. Maybe the awakening is too late. Maybe it’s no problem. Maybe it takes a lifetime to break up the illusions, to shatter the self-centred attitude. 

No need to feel bad or to become cynical or depressed. It’s quite refreshing to be relieved of the burden of illusion. One might then relax, without being sidetracked by superficial concerns of praise and blame, loss and gain, pleasure and pain, fame or disrepute. One could enjoy the act of being alive. Since there’s no punishment or reward, there’s no need to slink around in bitterness, jealous scheming and resentment, no need for hope and fear. The reasonable person lives in accordance with cause and effect, in harmony with others, without expectation and cultivates friendliness. One could heave a sigh of relief. Smile if you wish. It’s ok to be happy.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

under the bridge

bridge over Lachine Canal

The amount of graffiti spreading along the Lachine Canal in Montreal is like a long mural, or artwork. Some graffiti remains for years. Sometimes the graffiti is removed, then more graffiti painted. Lohbado enjoyed it as a kind of communication. People he never met came out, probably at night and did the artwork when nobody was looking. He once saw three youths being arrested from a large abandoned industrial site. Some people like graffiti and some people don't. The quality varies. It's always there. Lohbado couldn't remember a time when there was no graffiti or when people weren't trying to stop something that goes back to ancient times. Maybe it's a process, the people who don't like it versus the people who do like it. Maybe the tension adds an edge, making it more interesting. Maybe if it was easy, it would become dull. It does involve a lot of repetition, endless predictable squiggles. Sometimes the overall effect could be interesting. Other times it was like background music, occurring with a mindless momentum. Someone sees a blank wall, aims the spray can, creates a signature or logos over and over again. Maybe an idea spontaneously breaks up the uniformity. A new motif appears, or a message, political, sociological commentary or humour. 

Monday, October 5, 2015

shipping containers

Lohbado paused during his bicycle ride along the Lachine Canal to take photos of some shipping containers. To get to the canal from Cote des Neiges, one could ride along Fielding then down West Broadway and along Broughton, which leads through a metal barricade separating the neighbourhood on the hill from the neighbourhood at the edge of the water, down a steep hill. Go through the small pedestrian tunnel at the corner of Norman and one is not far from the canal. The freeway and railway tracks make canal access limited. It helps to be in the know to find routes to get there. On the way home, Lohbado rode up a steep road known as the Glen, then followed Sherbrooke to Decairie Service road, up another steep hill to Cote des Neiges.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

blabber monster

Lohbado dreamed the blabber monster poured out a river of gossip in front of a motel. The monster polluted the sky with harmful talk motivated by envy, resentment, bitterness and pride. As he slept, Lohbado concentrated on a soft point from between his brow. A happy bee on a crimson flower buzzed out of Lohbado's third eye and put a stop to the nasty gossip of the blabber monster. The monster laughed and realized it was more fun to encourage people than to tear them apart. A friendly attitude is like a sunny day. Everyone benefits when people live life to the full.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Lohbado and the goats

Lohbado dreamed he was playing around with goats inside a temple of the Great Nomroh. The goats were friendly and curious. The goats had unusual eyes, long horns and sometimes seemed to laugh.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

book in the fire

Lohbado placed The Book of Oogah in the fire and let flames turn the pages. When asked to explain what he was doing, Lohbado said the answer is in the doing.

Lohbado treated video as a form of painting with moving images. Rather than do a painting of a still life, or a book in a fire, with a wine bottle, rope and sticks, he set the scene in motion, placed the camera on a tripod, composed the scene and hit the record button. There are no actors because Lohbado spends 99 % of his time alone. He goes for days without speaking a word to anyone. That's quite normal for the retired person. As you get old, you become considered increasingly irrelevant. Older people talk too slow. They don't move fast enough. They're boring. Avoid the old person. That's why most of the videos don't have actors, or only feature Lohbado. The people Lohbado asked to video record said no, for reasons of privacy. Fair enough. Do the best you can with what is available.