Monday, June 29, 2015

falling on the Plains of Radiation

On the Plains of Radiation after the Apocalyptic War, Lohbado underwent baptism. He woke up groggy, after sleeping on gravel. His shoulders and hips ached from a night on hard ground. He cooked oatmeal over a small one-burner white gas stove. He threw in raisins and sunflower seeds, plus some cranberries he picked along the way.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

evening bike ride in Montreal

Pho Hao Restaurant
Decairie and Sherbrooke
Rue de Courcelle
Lachine Canal
One of the joys of living in Montreal is being able to go out and enjoy a variety of visual forms, textures and colors. Lohbado went on a Saturday evening bike ride, since the forecast was for heavy rain the next day. It's fun to ride on a Saturday night and to listen to the parties going on, especially while riding through old neighborhoods like St. Henri and Verdun. In the old days, people used to hang out on balconies and front steps and socialize on a pleasant summer evening. That way of life appears to be giving way to the new era of gentrification, high rises and condos, not to mention the competition offered by cyberspace or private Internet worlds. Enjoy the old ways while they last.

It's pleasant to finally arrive at the water. There's an excellent system of bike trails and greenery, with benches and picnic tables along the way. One can relax and let go of the pressure. Worries and fears become like water under the bridge.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Pat Fiction

Pat had no pat answers. Pat refused to be categorized. Words leave a lot to be desired. As far as Pat was concerned, many of his words were a work of fiction. Pat was more a person of image.

Friday, June 26, 2015


A contemplation about moisture and fluids, a river flowing inside the circulatory system, blood vessels and veins, water flowing off a mountain from glacier melt, the sound of water created waves of relaxation. To walk at the edge of the ocean and to listen to waves flowing in and out, one instant then the next, the flow of time, Lohbado got lost in a stream of consciousness. A body contains moisture. A dead body dries out. The skeleton eventually might crumble to dust. The moisture occurs in containers, or flows in a canal. Water flows from a fountain. Rain falls from the sky.

Lohbado went for a walk in the graveyard. He gazed at the Virgin Mary and thought of his mother who died in 1981. He contemplated how he formed in her body. He thought of her kindness in making sure he stayed alive once he was born. Of course, he would rather not have been born. But one has no choice in the matter. One either lives or doesn't live. To live requires motion, that one eat and drink and make friends. Without others, one would not survive very long.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

sunny afternoon at the oratory

Even though it's been raining quite a bit in Montreal, sunny days still occur. A great outing is to visit St. Joseph's Oratory. On a nice day, the Garden of the Stations of the Cross is a quiet area, with lush greenery, conducive to relaxation and contemplation. Someone was playing the organ in the large sanctuary at the top of the basilica. It has a very impressive and beautiful sound.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Lohbado's diary

It rained heavily last night, after a thunder storm. Lohbado woke up, sheets damp, a humid morning. He got up at 5:30 AM, had porridge for breakfast. A wave of worry and fear surged in his stomach, so be it. Don't torment yourself. The worst torment is to let worrisome thoughts take over the mind.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

dumpster diving

vegetable stand at Jean Talon Market Montreal

Dumpster diving has become quite trendy. Lohbado had a coffee with Christina at Jean Talon market in Montreal and watched various people dive into a dumpster. The first character, about 20 years old in ragged jeans, shoulder length hair, grungy backpack and iPhone hopped right inside the bin, like it was his new home. He tossed about a dozen tomatoes, a bunch of bell peppers, swiss shard and a quarter sack of potatoes into a cardboard box then climbed out. He swayed back and forth in delight, like he'd just won the lottery. Then a couple women came, dressed appropriately... don't want to get your nice clothes dirty. It's best to wear sweat pants or old jeans. They dug in deep, right up to the elbows and extracted more tomatoes and peppers.

The most fun group came next, four young women, about 19 or 20. They went at it from all sides. They turned it into a real fiesta. One of the girls looked right at Lohbado and asked him to not take her picture. He was so mesmerized by her intent eyes, he realized that he'd forgotten to put the lens cap back on his camera which sat on the bistro table facing the dumpster. He reassured the young woman. She went back to the dumpster operation, and pulled out some swiss chard. Lohbado got up. He paused to take a few photos of peppers and tomatoes at a fruit and vegetable stand facing the bistro.

The concept of scavenging for throw away food is great. With climate change threatening many plant, animal, fish and bird species, it's wise to not waste. The economic situation is not easy. Many people struggle to survive as food prices, rent and cost of transportation increase, while wages stay low. There's obviously an art to dumpster diving. One has to know where to look and how to avoid troublesome situations.