Friday, February 24, 2017


A loud honking noise startled Lohbado. He realized he'd been gazing at a building, without it registering. His mind had been far away, imagining the ocean, walking barefoot in the sand while clouds created spectacular light effects and birds flew around. In the middle of Montreal, it was like he'd been transformed to some sort of paradise and completely forgot where he was, until a van honked as he was about to step out from the curb.

The shock made things vivid. Grid-like rectangles of brick buildings impressed into his mind the reality of many rooms filled with people doing many things, a variety of human experience. He felt a sudden urge to confess. Forgive me for being sloppy. After confessing to the brick wall and windows, he resolved to watch where he was going.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Onion Agents

Years ago, while crossing the Plains of Radiation after the Apocalyptic War, Lohbado encountered Onion Agents who used emotional appeal to try and persuade lost wanderers to enlist in the RE (reconstruction effort). The first time  Onion Agents invaded his personal space, his eyes watered. After a while, he got used to them. They were about as annoying as telemarketers phoning up every day to ask if you'd like new doors and windows installed in your apartment. Lohbado eventually enrolled in a 6 week training program at Onion College which qualified him to work for the DR (department of regulation) as a PBE (push button expert).

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

February Bear

February Bear wishes everyone a happy Wednesday and pleasant month of February.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Moronovian Creativity

A new video about creativity on Lohbado youtube channel... three benefits of creativity. Three reasons to create: it's fun; it reduces loneliness and it stimulates the brain. Lohbado recorded this video while out on a bike ride then added graphics and narration at home.

Monday, February 20, 2017

goat hallucination

Abel Crane back in the late seventies, graduate student of religious studies at Lumpkins University in Yamaville had a vision of goats while cooking a pot of spaghetti in his basement kitchen. Probably it was from drinking too much coffee, not getting enough sleep in attempt to meet deadlines.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

apartment tower

it's a question of how you look at it

Lohbado turned the corner to take a short cut down a back lane. He rode slowly to avoid broken glass, speed bumps, cracks and pot holes which could knock the air out or puncture a bicycle tire. One also has to be wary of motor vehicles which lunge backwards from parking spots, or delivery vans maneuvering into position at a loading dock. Lohbado looked up and was struck by the solid drab, yet somehow monumental apartment tower on the horizon. The tower drew his mind into the rich blue sky and space. In spite of the speed and noise of a freeway service road, the moment of turning down the lane opened a vast dream-like world, plenty of space for the imagination to have fun. He quickly took three photos then continued on his way. The above scene occurred in May 2013 in Montreal.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

outside the house of pain

Lohbado dreamed about the time he visited friends at the hospital after a radiation storm blew in off the plains. Exposure resulted in visceral, melting mutations. Lohbado got to know Dr. Jane Wormsly as she collected worm samples at the hospital.

After the Apocalyptic War, the hospital was reorganized into pain wards. One ward dealt with throbbing, crushing pain. Another ward specialized in flashes of electric zap which set a person's teeth on edge and made hair stand on end. Then of course, the ward of nausea a cornucopia of unbearable nausea with ammonia, rancid tomato juice and hormonal overtones. Biting, tearing, stabbing, burning, bubbling and erupting pain, Lohbado ran screaming from the hospital and chatted with one of the orderlies on the front lawn.