Sunday, October 2, 2016

Lohbado makes a friend

At the Miracle Hotel Lohbado made a friend as he gazed into the bottom of a glass of gin. Actually, it was Jagermeister and the miracle hotel was his living room. Loneliness is the new normal.

It's normal to be alone and to be lonely. Conversation is mostly posting links and clicking the like button. That's about as deep as it gets. Lohbado is a lucky man who gets to have conversations with wonderful people from time to time. A lot of retired people go for days without saying a word to anyone. That's when one looks hard into the glass of wine, bottle of beer, cup of coffee or water, whatever. There's a point where loneliness intensifies to breaking point. One can't take it any more. There's no choice. You have to take it. Sink or swim. Keep it together or freak out and face the devastating consequences... become stigmatized, outcast, shunned, morally condemned, excommunicated, hated, a scapegoat... or become a sadhu, yogi, hermit, artist, musician, dancer, writer of texts that nobody wants to read, maker of videos nobody wants to watch... lots of fun.

Actually, it is fun. It's fun to create. Smile. Abandon expectation. Interact with the cosmos. Don't be afraid to become transparent and dance around in the colored lights and music of the spheres. Suddenly the loneliness is not a problem. If the heart aches, then do a dance. If the mind is in despair, make images, or go out for exercise... a bike ride, a long walk... We're all in it together, over seven billion people on planet earth, the human condition.

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