Tuesday, May 28, 2019

clouds of smoke

A mini story came to Lohbado in a dream, of years ago when he lived on the 5th floor of a warehouse and slept on a slab of foam on a wooden palate.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

it's ok to have fun

At what point did winter end and spring begin? Lohbado rode around contemplating various mysteries and realized it's ok to have fun. One is not obligated to feel miserable. It's even ok to enjoy your life sometimes.

In making videos, or any creative project, Lohbado's approach is to let the project take over, rather than trying to impose preconceived limits. A huge obstacle to creativity is not recognizing one's mental horizon. Everyone has a limit, or a point at which one says: enough is enough. This can be useful, but it could also be a nuisance. A rough analogy is antibodies. The immune system protects the body by reducing viral infections. But what happens when the immune system gets carried away and starts attacking the body?

Similarly, in the art studio, for example, suddenly everything feels dumb, boring, repetitive. One experiences creative block. That could be a point of breakthrough. When old tricks don't work anymore, then it's time to open up and see what happens. Lohbado noticed the tension and uptightness in his mind and in noticing it, was able to relax a little and keep going, to learn, explore, to see what happens. Instead of imposing his will, he relaxed and began to learn from what was going on and to let the project tell him what to do.

Monday, May 6, 2019

immune system struggle

Lohbado dreamed of living in an old building, chemical spill, a virus rising from the asphalt. His throat burned as his immune system struggled to overcome the virus.