Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Soul Mates of the Moment

Upstairs, in the Morono Chapel above the laundromat, lost wanderers sat in dim light as candles burned to summon spirits. Candles burned on either side of a plate of rock, little pieces of coal, quartz, nickel, a sliver of silver and a lump of gold. So that’s the setup: plasma, miasma, orgone streaming, excess Cha, Ooo release.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

preview of hell

One day Lohbado woke up covered in pencil dust, his eyes nearly swollen shut, after gazing with sinful thoughts at a movie poster, Mary Jane Goes to Easter Island. Lohbado admired the puffy lips of the actress on the poster, the twinkle in her eyes, a giggly look, shiny straight hair. Lohbado recognized the actress. She appeared on the cover of gossip magazines, her little ups and downs as she continued her journey to find happiness.

Monday, March 12, 2012


The next night, Lohbado and Jane ended up at the house of a cannibal, Morty Blood. Eating books is bad enough, but when it came to human flesh, that's when Lohbado and Dr. Jane drew the line. Morty didn't insist. He even hesitated in bringing up the topic. He definitely knew it wasn't a good thing to do. He blamed it on the food shortage. There's no telling what a person might do when really hungry.