Monday, February 28, 2011


So many things and so many fanciful, simple or complicated ways of saying the same thing, one never has the last word. Each thing leads to another thing. Each attempt to impose a belief or way of doing things is immediately limited by the nature of belief. Each thing is surrounded, enveloped, contained or dissolving and self destructing, just like fire consuming itself. One ends up with a handful of ashes, a few statements, concepts, policies, codes or regulations which don't apply to everything. There are always exceptions to the rule. What happens to each closing of the door, each time the door opens? Every time the great Moronovian spoke with persuasive conviction, his words had a hollow ring. The intimidating emotional outburst of Oorsis underlined the impotence of strong emotion.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Oogah Drink and Dill Pickles

Made with the finest, natural ingredients, Oo-Cha, a favorite drink of the OOO is a good source of moisture and is sure to quench your thirst. Using an old recipe of cow drool and liquified hog fat, this drink should be a pleasure. It contains no alcohol or drugs, nothing that would lead a person to sin. According to legend, after his first cup of Oo-Cha, Lohbado saw Oorsis, the great bear spirit. She handed him a dill pickle and they danced around a camp fire. Club Morono highly recommends that if you ever find a bottle of Oo-Cha, please let Club Morono know about your experience.

Friday, February 18, 2011

yin yang weather

Minus twenty something one day, plus five two days later, yo-yo weather in Montreal, sit comfortably inside and watch the storm outside. A major dump of snow and then melting, yin yang, healthy one moment, a virus the next, grumbling won't help. Be patient. This too will pass. Happy, sad, day dreaming, reflecting, analyzing and dissecting the riddle of the universe and end up none the wiser, how did this come about? Ask all you like, in the past four thousand years, nobody has found an answer that doesn't give rise to further questions. The positive side of unlimited questions is unlimited space for imagination and creativity. I'm happy to be with my children and with friends. On a pragmatic level, it's better to be warm and friendly than the inverse. Dark thoughts and emotions heighten humor and playfulness. They balance each other out, like the weather and the seasons. I'd like to end with a quote from Dogen:

"The whole world, which is not self, has no hidden place; it is a single rail of iron ten thousand miles long which is not anyone." p. 54, Shobogenzo: Zen Essays by Dogen, Transl. T. Cleary. U of Hawaii Press, 1986.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wolf Spirit Dance

Wolf spirit dance life death dream, burning up and cool at the same time, lots of space, good day, bad day, wheel of life, keep dancing until the voice that told the creature to dance stopped telling him to dance.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Wolves Who Run Wild With the Women

Wolf Man made a real massacre of Valentine's Day, dancing up a storm, setting the house on fire. His secret wish is to find Wolf Woman for a bit of romance, a little heat of passion to melt the snow of winter and remind one that spring can't be far off. This wolf follower of Dionysus joined the Maenads, or female followers, during an ecstatic dance to make a love connection between the world of the living and the world of the dead. The dancers refused to be held back. They broke all codes of conduct in an orgiastic revel that lasted three days.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Let's Party

Wolf Man of the north is on the loose again. You don't want to see him naked. My what big teeth he has. What's with the broken glass? He's dancing the dogtrot. Stay tune for more Wolf to come, an exclusive presentation of Club Morono.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fire in a Box

Hot deals on fire in a box, order yours before box turns to ash. Cardboard boxes burning at a dump in the wilderness, is this for real? During the cold months of winter, imagine getting warm beside a fire. It's important to not burn out. A little fire or passion could warm things up, but it's good to contain it. That's when a cardboard box comes in handy. Put the fire in a box and tape it shut until next time you need fire. No wait, don't do it. Fire will burn right through. Putting fire in a box makes about as much sense as trying to put a wolf on a chain.

Friday, February 4, 2011

is snow joke

It's no joke. Just about every winter, Montreal gets lots of snow. Thanks to an efficient system of snow removal, one is able to come and go unhindered.  During the storm, I did the Oogah book, to heat things up a bit. It's a book I've been burning to read. It lies in the fire, but the fire doesn't consume it. The friendly goat and cute giraffe offer hope and useful suggestions. The goat meets things head on. The giraffe extends its neck in order to see things from a higher perspective. I'll elaborate in future posts.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Montreal Snow Storm

The pictures say it all. It's in the news, big storm from Texas roars all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. These pictures show Cote des Neiges, about 10 AM, in Montreal.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Fire of an Inspirational Story

Nobody likes a depressing story. I’m determined to write inspirational stories, to inspire people to try harder. I already told the story of a man who refused to give up after both arms were severed, while working at the slaughterhouse.  He literally gave his arms to the company, mutilated himself to be a good employee, who ended up costing the taxpayer on workers compensation. Valuable tax dollars went to help Ned, who gave both arms to serve his company.