Thursday, January 31, 2013

tired in winter

Every year, same story, the end of January, beginning of February, one starts to get tired. One yearns to run outside and relax on a terrace or sit in the park. It's too cold. The weather is crazy up and down, warm one day, ice cold the next. Hang in there, winter will soon end. Meanwhile, if you just can't beat the tired feeling, take a nap.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

words leapt off the page

by Lohbado

After slaving over the book for hours, words began to leap off the page. Lohbado felt a sensation of vast space. He closed the book, drank a glass of water and relaxed.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

open the window

Lohbada Doll

Some arctic air hangs over Montreal. It's supposed to go down to -26 C tonight. It gets hot and steamy inside. In spring, one will be able to leave the window open to let in fresh air.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

the Origin of OOO

OOO encompasses the very very big and the very very small. In other words, it's the largest thing you can think before your mind spaces out and the smallest thing you can think before falling asleep.

Oogah originated OOO from a circular nodule in his brain. By pushing the right buttons, certain brain fibers were stimulated making researchers very happy. Whether you go to the church or the laboratory to study the mysteries of the giant O, the all and nothing, the wheel keeps on rolling. There's virtually no limit to what one could imagine or choose to believe.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

time to buy eggs

When Lohbado ran out of eggs, he went to the grocery store and bought more.

Friday, January 18, 2013

relax and do nothing

    Massive unemployment became a long term phenomenon after the Apocalyptic War, as robots and computers made most jobs obsolete. Central Government found it more economically feasible to provide meager pensions for the long-term unemployed, or lost wanderers. The pensions were much cheaper than investing in make-work projects.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

to relax

To relax relaxively speaking relaxes non-relaxation. Tension, stress or the state of being non-relaxed relaxes into relaxation when one decides to relax. Relaxation begins the minute one makes the decision to relax. At first, this might not be obvious. Next time thoughts are driving you wild and emotions are out of control, say the word "relax" and see what happens.

Have no expectations. Relaxation won't happen if you expect it to happen. You can't make it happen. But you can decide to relax. The moment of making the decision to relax, a micro-moment of relaxation, almost imperceptibly, happens. If one frequently decides to relax, one's orientation will gradually change from being driven by the tension, stress, confusion, selfishness, negativity of hope and fear towards a bit more relaxation. In other words, your habitual orientation or internal script will change from a script of aggression, passion and ignorance, to an aspiration for calm, spacious, quiet relaxation.

In other words, next time you start freaking out, or feeling overwhelmed, pressured and stressed, tell yourself to relax. Once you're relaxed, it might be easier to deal with whatever may or may not be happening.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

youtube art tutorial

click HERE or on picture to see youtube video. It's a Club Morono art tutorial on how to make a Lohbado face. It's about the process of communicating and interacting with the picture.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Holy Question!

    Lohbado staggered behind the remains of a burned out gas station and sank down on a heap of broken cinder blocks in a sea of bricks, metal reinforcement bar, chunks of cement, long grass and weeds. When things bothered him, Lohbado went to a vacant lot along a freeway service road and talked to a hole in the ground. The hole welcomed him to say whatever he liked, to complain and grumble to his heart’s content.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Lohbado's Hole

not to be confused with Mel's Hole

    Lohbado, not that he was trying to say anything, in fact was trying to say something, although he wasn’t clear what. A pressure built up inside his head. Waves of restless, discursive energy swept through his nervous system. Chaotic churning of thought made him nearly break into tongues. He was on the verge of glossolalia when he uttered the word: OOGAH!

    Lohbado proclaimed OOGAH then realized there’s nothing to proclaim. Of course, as common sense will tell you, the proclamation of nothing is something: it’s a sequence of words stating nothing.

    When did the proclamation begin? Hard to say. Maybe it began from a swarm of thought, which collected around a fixation, like flies attracted to a spot of jam on the kitchen counter.

    Looking back on the event of Lohbado proclaiming Oogah, Lohbado remembered experiencing a psychic wave, images swelling and crashing in his mind, evoking words. Chaos evolved into a circular letter form, the letter O, or the number zero in all its implications of promising so much and yet so little; of offering the infinite but adding up to nothing. Zero could be immeasurable space in which anything could happen. O could be a holey vowel, a gasp of surprise, a grunt of pleasure, a singer holding a note, or a word-ending to indicate gender, for example, to distinguish Maria from Mario.

    The syllable OH occurred as the second two letters in Lohbado’s name, another reason he wished to proclaim a word beginning with O, the world Oogah.

    Oh is both positive and negative, for example: oh no, oh dear, oh ho, oh-boy-oh-boy- oh-boy, oh-oh-oh, oh shit.

    Lohbado gazed at the circular horizon as he struggled against a mild whirlwind that spun across the semicircular path around the edge of a curved parking lot. He hurried up the curved staircase to the front entrance of a round building. A group of men and women sat around a round table in an oval room and argued about everything and nothing, zero and  one. But first, they gave each other a circular handshake and a round of patting and rubbing on the back.

    And so, even as Lohbado opened the round hole of his mouth to say Oogah, he realized the end of his circular journey touched the point of departure. Lohbado felt glad to be rolling along on the wheel of life, as the earth rotated during its orbit around the sun.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year

eat a healthy breakfast

don't drink too much

get ready to go out

Club Morono wishes you, your family, loved ones and friends a happy new year. May Oogah shine blessings on you as you navigate the challenging waters of life on the wheel.