Friday, June 24, 2011

ghost motel

First, note the similarity in color between the glass of apple juice and peach compote. Note visceral connection of food body sensation. Some foods are heavy and moist, others light and flaky, acidic, sweet, sour and so on. Peach compote, fresh from the fridge, cool, slithery, it could be swallowed with minimal chewing and sits comfortably in the stomach. The apple juice, also cool, but sweet and slightly acidic, doesn’t taste good with peach compote, but makes a good photo, golden juice and peach colored peach.

Lohbado sat in the motel restaurant and ate peach compote and drank black coffee. Jane Wormsly had blueberry pie and apple juice. They gazed warmly into each other’s eyes, after driving a stretch of road, under construction, leading into the city. Jane nearly peed her pants as they got caught in heavy flow, bumper to bumper, freeway turned into parking lot. She talked seriously about having to pee into a towel if they didn’t soon get to the exit ramp. Lohbado offered her the use of his tee shirt. It took an hour to clear one interchange.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

de-coding department

For a while, Lohbado worked in the Decoding Department for the Ministry of Regulation. His precarious career rested on one achievement: he unscrambled a Thermopolite message to the Mayor of Antz. It turned out to be an official invitation to share a liter of  apple juice.

This was the peak of Lohbado's career. Everything else he did ended up a disorganized muddle of fragments. His computer microphone picked up sputters and groans. Lohbado insisted the sounds were space-alien communiques directed to a certain Harry Brown, advising him to protect Porcupine Sanitary Tissue company from smear tactics. Politicians from the other party got at Harry Brown via the back door, implying a conflict of interest. They accused him of handing out contracts to the PST, to make them the official suppliers of hygienic tissues in government buildings.

The rest is history, the incident of peach compote, roast turkey and apple juice. Harry Brown was forced to resign from his post as Minister of Tools and Devices.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

running Nomroh spirit

A speck of dust blew into Lohbado's right eye as he reached the summit of Rock Hill. It stung the eye. As he rubbed the right eye, he saw a flash of light. A running Nomroh spirit appeared. It was the spirit that got squeezed out of prisoners during Department of Regulation training sessions. As the process of standardization squeezed the mind into tighter confines, psychic energies erupted into images. Lohbado sank to his knees and thanked Oogah for the vision. He piled up a stack of rocks to commemorate the spot where the speck of dust entered his eye, unleashing the retinal flash of a running spirit.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Morono Man in Chick n Dick

    Chick, fried egg eyes, omelet textured skin, turkey neck, hooked beak of a nose, lived on potatoes, carrots, eggs and coffee. He moved into a hen house after mother’s farmhouse burned down. Mother died in the fire.

Friday, June 10, 2011

how much does hell hurt?

Did you ever wonder, how much does hell hurt? Imagine you're sentenced to burn for the rest of eternity. There must be a limit to the pain. If the pain became too intense, the damned soul would go unconscious, or into shock and no longer feel the pain. Or, if the pain becomes 24/7, then the damned soul might get used to it. In order to fully feel the pain, the soul would have to experience intervals of no pain, to set the torment into relief. What does God think of all this? After all, hell was God's invention.  To learn more about this, tune in to the Harvey Christ radio hour Tuesday, June 14, 11 PM Montreal time.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bathroom messages

Normality subject to variation, read messages in signs and storefront lettering, messages within this one and only world, it depends what you mean by world. There were suggestions of alternate universes, but this is not fantasy. I’m talking about setting or milieu, for example, the world of Lohbado, the world of ice cream, the world of alphabet and so on. However, there’s really only one world and little settings or worlds within the one world. The Chief Nomroh asked me to make this clear, to avoid misunderstanding.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Club Morono Experimento

Here's how it went from a to b, a being blah, b being OK. I drew in pen a dog, doodle alphabet and words. Next, open a book. A phrase leaped off the page. Refill the cup of coffee. Presto. Blah is gone. I feel OK, until blah comes back. I'll deal with it then. Now is OK. This is a Club Morono way to get going in the morning.