Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fire in a Box

Hot deals on fire in a box, order yours before box turns to ash. Cardboard boxes burning at a dump in the wilderness, is this for real? During the cold months of winter, imagine getting warm beside a fire. It's important to not burn out. A little fire or passion could warm things up, but it's good to contain it. That's when a cardboard box comes in handy. Put the fire in a box and tape it shut until next time you need fire. No wait, don't do it. Fire will burn right through. Putting fire in a box makes about as much sense as trying to put a wolf on a chain.


  1. Beautiful photograph. I'd like the option of removing the copyright logo though! I have some pix of you channeling Oogah around a campfire in Rembrandt MB in 1987; need to scan and post. "A wolf on a chain is worth more than a fire in a box." New proverb copyright Doug Harvey 2011 All Rites Reversed.

  2. ok, i'll make the copyright logos more transparent. i never thought of it, but you're right, the huge logos is jarring.