Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Hank got Lohbado temporary work in the Silver Tower, a fifty-story building in city centre. Lohbado’s job was to edit a few thousand photos and to upload them to a government database. He processed files in batch automation. Add a little vibrance and sharpness. He had to sort through a lot of files, according to a set of instructions. It was top secret. The people in the photos had identification numbers. He wasn’t supposed to know who they were. 
The ones in beige were the OOO. The ones in olive green were the Yee. The OOO and the Yee were mortal enemies, with conflicting political ideologies and religious beliefs. You get my drift? Same old story you can read about every day in the news. Strong emotion and rigid ideas ruled the day, no compromise.
The OOO believed in the power of circularity, the circle, wheel or cycle. The Yee believed in wavelength trajectory, EEE, sound vibration, infinite sequence. Y reached out with two arms to receive cosmic energy. The trunk of Y is rooted in the ground. Outstretched arms of the Y vibrate to the E-tune of the cosmos Yeeeeee.
The OOO took a more holy approach. Each O was a hole in the moment, a portal from here to there, leading along a circular corridor from there to here. You would think the OOO and the Yee could work together, the OOO spinning like wheels of a motor vehicle along the Yee highway to eternity. So what’s the problem?
The problem lies in the mind, or rather, in the ego. Ego involves a template of desire, belief, opinion, hope, fear, aggression and ignorance. Ego is by definition a dualistic, limiting factor, me you, us them, for us or against us, yes no, agree disagree. Ego abhors difference or disagreement. Ego wants to rule. To ensure a safe nest, ego creates an enemy to hunt down and punish. Ego likes a scapegoat, someone to sacrifice on the altar of fear, someone to blame, or even hate. Blame someone for all the discomforts of the human condition. Ego operates under the illusion that everything could be fine, if everyone would cooperate, agree and behave in a way that I feel is best for everyone.
Ego is doomed to conflict and bewilderment. So that’s the story, the frustration and disappointment of ego pursuing the way of the world at Vanity Fair. Of course, ego is not the whole story. To see the limitation of ego could open up a whole new ballgame. One could get over ego and see it for what it is, but that’s another story.

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