Monday, July 23, 2012

stop and gawk

Captain Dream
Captain Dream invites you to stop and gawk at the drama going on in your mind. Watch how the mind alternates between drowsiness, agitation, anxiety and boredom. Captain Dream resides on Planet Blop, accessible via dreaming, where everything that happens is a figment of imagination. Look at the characters who inhabit the inner landscape of hope and fear. Watch how memories play and replay, changing each time, endless new versions of something that may or may not have happened quite the way you remember, some time, way back in the faded, distorted, dimly perceived past. Watch how easily vanity is wounded when ego does not receive the treatment it feels it deserves. See how one is fooled into duality, me you, us them, for me against me. Catch the mental turmoil in action. Watch the fog and dark clouds, the psychic storms, how one is able to make a mountain out of a molehill and to obscure reality into a self-centered blur.

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