Friday, February 1, 2013


Rest in peace, rest, resting, restless, restaurant... occurred against a backdrop of stress, worry, speed, sloppiness, fuzzy-headedness. Lohbado went in, sat down to a plate of spaghetti and a cup of coffee. He sat still, in the silence and enjoyed the spacious afternoon. Stress, worry and vanity concerns dissolved for a few minutes.

His beautiful little peaceful experience crumbled when the waitress spilled coffee on the table cloth while pouring him a refill. Actually, he didn't really care. He sopped it up with a paper napkin. It was quite unspectacular. The coffee-soaked napkin looked beautiful and felt warm and soft under his fingertips. As it cooled, he thought of how his body would get cold after it became a corpse. He certainly didn't expect to live forever. There were only so many plates of spaghetti a Lohbado could eat during one lifetime.

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