Friday, August 16, 2013

Izzy Cox and Dante's Flaming Uterus

Jan Desrosiers and Randy Peters
Izzy Cox
Yesterday at Bar L'escogriffe on St. Denis near Mount Royal, Dante's Flaming Uterus and Izzy Cox performed. I left before The Johnny Cash experience performed in order to catch the last metro train of the night.

Dante's Flaming Uterus did a first class performance. Jan played rockingly good harmonica and funky guitar. Randy Peters did some impassioned melody picking and strumming on the mandolin. He also played flute and clarinet. They did a repertoire of satire and religious songs, which they wrote themselves.

Izzy Cox came on next and electrified the place with her powerful voice, lively guitar playing and foot stomping drum. If you weren't looking, you'd swear it was a four person band, instead of one person. Izzy Cox is an amazing song-writer musician... from another world... a visionary, outsider. Highlights of her performance included a song about an encounter with satan, a song about meeting death, one about fighting and fucking and the final, heart-rending song about the senselessness of war. "I have a broken heart...."

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