Friday, September 13, 2013

Lohbado's Memoir

Go ahead... begin

a beginningless situation

With the help of a dummy’s guide to memoir writing, Lohbado sat down to write his hominoid history. He didn’t know where to begin. His life had no beginning.  He evolved from a single-celled organism, eventually reached ape-hood, became Neandrathol, then Cro-Magnon until evolving into Homo Sapien. His race could be traced back to the origin of the human race. He originated in Mesopotamia a few hundred thousand years ago.

His motivation for writing a memoir...  to make peace with existence as he prepared for the final descent into old age and death. He stood at a gate to the vast wilderness of his mind, filled with forests, mountains, deserts, lakes, rivers and ocean, a roaring chaos. Overwhelmed, Lohbado had a cup of coffee. The coffee made him jumpy, so he had a beer. The beer made him drowsy, so he had a nap. After the nap, he decided to have a snack and to start fresh again the next day. He’d accomplished enough for one day. He’d roused motivation and determination. Even though he hadn’t yet begun, he’d made his intentions clear. Lohbado was determined to write his memoirs.

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