Sunday, July 20, 2014

Fur of the Cat

too much to drink

hangover the next day
There's an old saying: have a drink when you wake up to reduce the hangover. This is called hair of the dog. Lohbado didn't take a drink. Instead, he reclined in an easy chair and let the cat nap on his belly and chest. The healing effect of the cat reduced Lohbado's hangover. In Club Morono, this is called "fur of the cat".

As the cat lay on Lohbado’s belly and chest, Lohbado dreamed he was pregnant.  He felt delighted to have an experience normally denied to men. The heat of the cat and its little movements and sounds gave rise to mental images. Lohbado dreamed that he had a womb and in the womb was a litter. He woke up and gave birth to a litter of six shiny black kittens. They crawled on to his chest, which began to swell and lactate. His chest sprouted six nipples, one for each kitten.

    The dream narrator told Lohbado that he would become a Moronovian fertility spirit. Oorsis had chosen him to give birth to cats, which would inhabit the temple in order to keep away rats and mice. As Lohbado suckled the kittens in the easy chair, a waiter appeared out of nowhere and began waiting on Lohbado, to fulfill his every need. Lohbado ordered a bottle of red wine, a baguette and a platter of cheese, grapes and strawberries. A group of musicians provided pleasant music.

    Lohbado realized it was a dream and woke up. The transformative dream helped him connect with the nurturing aspect of the universe. He gave a little prayer of thanks to Oogah and Oorsis.

    Lohbado was grateful to have once again experienced the ancient wisdom of what happens when one drinks to excess, as opposed to in moderation.

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