Friday, August 22, 2014

Lohbado steam

ink on paper
For a while, Lohbado totally ran out of steam. Thanks to the summer, a warm breeze of inspiration helped him get back to work.

A history of Lohbado himself,  or a history of Lohbado as someone other than himself, in other words, the history of Lohbado in addition to the original Lohbado and whatever may or may not have happened to him...

    Lohbado did his best to make peace with himself. After becoming a veteran of the Secret Desert, he spent many hours alone. He didn’t have much choice. Either stand up and be Lohbado, or sit or lie down. Lohbado thought about being younger than himself and thought about being older than himself. The joke lay in himself. He didn’t have to be old or young. He didn’t have to be anything.

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