Friday, May 5, 2017

ace of spades

Lohbado riding one of his favourite bicycle paths in Montreal after a night of anxiety and panic was was struck by an Ace graffiti on a brick wall. It hit him right between the eyes, like a metal star with a squiggly tail. Ace of Spades, a là Mötorhead Lemmy, or a background from an S Clay Wilson Red Devil comic... it's related to trauma. Sometimes just to exist is traumatic. Decades ago, Lohbado saw dead bodies and horses vomiting as he crossed the Plains of Radiation at the end of the Apocalyptic War. It didn't take much to trigger Lohbado's nervous system, a loud noise, rude questions, being exposed to hateful discourse. Lohbado's bicycle was one of his best friends. Whenever his teeth were on edge and his stomach churned with dread and malaise, he would ride a long distance. Eventually the environment would wake him up.

Montreal is city rich in visual detail and variety of human experience, an oasis for creative people, artists, dancers, musicians, writers from all over the world. Lohbado felt grateful to be living in such a wonderful city. Going out and about on a bicycle in Montreal was a sure fire way to cheer up.

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