Sunday, December 31, 2017

getting ready for new years eve

Super dooper cold in Montreal, dead of winter, time to think about celebrating New Years Eve. Go to a party. Get the glow on, a fuzzy feeling of friendliness, soft around the edges. Try not to drink too much. Just drink enough to feel real good and leave it at that. Dance, sing, smile, a once in a year ritual.

Lohbado went out in one-eyed pursuit of fantasy. Create an image or scene associated with happiness. Attempt to be happy via reviving a set-up one vaguely remembers from a time when one felt good. The moment, when associated with an image, could be turned into a fetish or ritual. Lohbado had a collection of glasses and cups to contain various liquids. The fetish of an old wine glass filled with red wine, sometimes anticipation is more exciting than the satiation.

Lohbado had a sore throat and aching joints, so drank in moderation. When sick, the alcohol could feel like poison; or if you drink enough, maybe it might blot out some of the pain. But then the consequences are even more painful.

Recognize image and ritual as part of a little game of cheering up during the darkness and cold of winter. Enjoy the little scenarios and gadgets of illusion. Do it and see what happens. Hopefully it doesn't hurt too much. Maybe one might have a little fun.

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