Sunday, December 6, 2009

Welcome to Club Morono, the playful site of text and image, a site where the discoveries of Lohbado could be presented, along with an overview of Cosmic Characters such as Oogah, Oorsis and The Department of Regulation. 
Monodo Morono, right on, moro, orm, omo, noom, moono, ooomn, eggs and cereal, soaked in wine, candle flowers, gelatin and spice, a regular breakfast of chaos and decoration, please be seated at the table of dreams. The new civilization of people in the know, a set of useless suggestions leading nowhere, the possibility of opening the curtains to a gorgeous display of bright colors and vivid shapes, welcome. The click of the clock and knowing how much and when of what to introduce to the stomach, the undulating, pulsating, worm-like, glandular digestive tract, observe the influence on thought and behavior. 


  1. Nice site! Who is Ooris? I never of him/her/it. Oh well!

    LLL (Long live lohbado)


  2. Oorsis is the feminine anthropomorphic representative of God and creator of the universe. She's in a relationship with Oogah, the masculine representative of God and co-creator of the universe.