Sunday, June 20, 2010

A few Lobadesque Aphorisms

Bush Grandmother said one could never laugh too much. Fresh outpourings of joy are needed in a world suffering environmental disaster, endless moneymaking human-destroying wars, hypocritical moralizing, pseudo-spiritual sentimentality, wishful thinking and denial.

Grandmother from the bush gave me permission. Town Grandmother frowned and said it’s inappropriate to laugh.

Lohbado asked Town Grandmother: Should I perpetuate the predictable, or would you be willing to venture outside the walls of habit and belief?

During the night before the morning of his death, Grandfather wandered throughout the house, his shirt open and gasping for air.

Men and women of Club Morono stumble over each other in a frenzy to purchase and flaunt the latest mass-advertised status luxury product.

In going away from the community, Lohbado violated the sensibility of those who believed one should stay and never go. In getting up from his desk and going out into the wilderness, Lohbado infuriated those who felt chained to the desk and that one should never get up without permission from the preceptor of alienation, or the boss.

Of course the boss has a boss in an infinite administrative regress, thus removing responsibility. No one person could be held responsible for the state of affairs. And yet each person holds, in his or her power, the discretion of allowing modifications, exceptions to the rule, or lenience due to extenuating circumstances. One could, without sinking the ship, get up and wander out to the rock hill in order to sit at the top, gaze towards the horizon and contemplate what may or may not be happening.

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