Monday, October 18, 2010

Chief Priest of Nomroh

Wearing the three-propeller decorative head dress to symbolize the three zeros or significant Os, this chief priest of Nomroh allowed me to capture his image with pen and paper during a recent Club Morono gathering at the tabernacle above the butcher shop.

After the opening Moronite ritual, Lohbado, after beating his chest with grapes, spoke a few inspirational words about the importance of being organized, using a not too tight, but fairly structured method, based on the time-honored shot-gun approach. 

"Pepper the area with buckshot and one is bound to hit the target," he explained, in a low, sluggish voice, "One could meet the challenges of the new economic downturn using a variety of postures."

Posture is one of the pillars supporting Morono Philosophy, for example, the posture of hurrying down the street, while talking into a cell phone, or the slower pace one adopts for text-messaging. No need to catalog the endless series of movements and sounds one adopts in relation to technology, not to mention those bodily changes required by the very nature of existence. 

Separating, for the purpose of analysis, gestures and sounds from activities intended fulfill a purpose or objective, Lohbado talked about how one's performance could be enhanced through close scrutiny of physical and mental response. 

"The idea is to relax and not get too excited," concluded Lohbado.

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