Saturday, November 20, 2010

the apple of my eye

At this very moment, I'm eating a room-temperature red apple. If the apples aren't eaten, they soften and rot. Such unspectacular moments make up a big part of life. It's easy to space out or be distracted during mundane moments, for example, while standing in line to pay for a four liter bottle of bleach, on special for 99 cents, limit three jugs per customer. The woman at the cash wished me a good evening and then laughed, since it was 9:04 AM. The store had opened four minutes ago. It took four minutes to walk in, pick out a jug of bleach and some nose tissue and then walk to the checkout counter.

This quite ordinary event took place after an equally undramatic moment in the cafe across the street, where I went for coffee before going to the store. I sat upstairs in the uncrowded eating area to enjoy a cup of coffee and read a book. A team of men appeared with ladders, buckets, squeegees and cleaning products and cleaned the windows on the inside, as a sudden squall of strong wind and rain tore down the street. That's all that happened. The men were polite and efficient.

I went home, did a pencil drawing, ate some toast, did a little yoga and while eating an apple, did this post.

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  1. Dear John.
    We've got a lots of apples on the balcony. I've forgotten that the winter is coming with low temperatures espacially at night. So, they are frost-nipped by now, a great pity.
    Cheers, Ariane.