Thursday, November 22, 2012

Moronic Moan

window overlooking back yard

view from back yard

Devotees of the Moronic Moan love power tools. Lohbado sat in the back yard to commune with nature. He inhaled an acrid, chemical odour and listened to the whine of a grinder as a Moronovian Man worked away at a metal door to the back balcony of his second floor dwelling. Lohbado inserted earplugs and connected with spirits of the back yard. During the hour he sat in the yard, the Moronovian never shut off the grinder. The high pitched nauseating whine exerted a hypnotic power over the Moronovian's mind.

Later, when the back door was ground to precision, the man could forget about it. The moment of grinding would be forgotten. Nobody could care less about his moronic back door. However, the three or four hours of moronic moaning was an act of devotion to The Great Nomroh. Oogah! Every second of noise and toxic fumes was worth it.

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