Monday, July 1, 2013

back yard meditation

cement steps

Lohbado relaxed for a while in the back yard and contemplated the cement steps, a window in a brick wall and a lush tree. The cement steps reminded him of a grave, the mystery of existence, how one is alive for a while and then it's all over. The brick wall provides a window of opportunity. The tree points to the sky, home of Oogah, anthropological representative of God and co-creator of the universe. An almighty cosmos unfolded in perfect zen proportion in the back yard. The spirit of The Great Nomroh swept across in a hot wind and agitated the foliage. Lohbado had a little religious experience, then ran and got his camera. He trembled and wept with joy as power of earth grabbed at his feet and spaciousness of sky yanked him into the clouds.

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