Sunday, April 17, 2016

cemetery angels

in Cote des Neiges cemetery Montreal
Lohbado sat in the back yard and read Kant's section of antimonies from Critique of Pure Reason. It's another of the many exercises in contemplating the nature of existence. Reason still hasn't solved the riddle of the universe... why is existence happening, when from a practical point of view it would make more sense for existence to not be happening, since existence involves so much pain. The chronic pain of existence is offset with brief flickers of happiness, but it's mostly a dull grind of survival, physical and emotional pain. There appears to be no choice but to keep going. So then one wonders what life is all about. Reason is unable to answer the riddle other than to say: fire is hot, water is wet... Things happen. Do the best you can. After pointing out how the riddle of the universe is unanswerable and describing the paradox involved in metaphysical searching, Kant's next book was Critique of Practical Reason, in which he discusses how people could live in a more harmonious fashion. He applied reason to practical matters, as part of his aspiration for a world of friendliness and good will.

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