Friday, April 22, 2016

floating in things on a rainy day

Lohba bike

Lohbado looked around at the mess in his apartment. All his life he surrounded himself with things. He welcomed things. He liked things, lots of things. They soothed his nerves. It felt like floating in amniotic fluid. The accumulation of things provided fertile ground for imagination and creativity. Lohbado once tried the start neat and tidy approach. It didn't work. So he accepted the approach of drifting through a river of interesting artifacts, stimulating objects, unusual discoveries, stories, memories, histories, concepts, geometric arrangements in juxtaposition to the natural look.
Yesterday it went up to 21 C in Montreal, a fabulous day to be outdoors, an indicator that winter is over and out. Maybe now it's safe to put away the parka. It's not much fun biking in the rain, so Lohbado did some calligraphy and ink drawing at home. He put another reflector light on the back of his bike. He attached it to the milk crate above the back wheel. He already got hit once by a car, in November. He was doing his best to increase visibility. It's important to not space out while riding busy streets. This week Lohbado just missed ploughing into car doors which swung open without the motorist checking to see if the lane was clear. It's easy to be distracted. A moment of carelessness could be fatal.

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