Saturday, August 27, 2016

keeping up appearances

digital painting by Lohbado
A winning feature of Club Morono is the fact that one doesn’t have to keep up appearances. If you’re alone, no problem. No need to impress anyone. However, one still could maintain dignity. 

Decorum is recommended.  Don’t spill your guts or let it all hang out. Lohbado has no answers or solutions, other than to work on his unconventional memoirs... the memoir of zero and everything, or form and emptiness, of speech about nothing, of instants with infinite interconnections, of constantly setting out on a journey but never getting past go. Lohbado floats in the Loh-bardo, a state of being neither here nor there, neither this nor that. 

Confused Lohbado was born into confusion, like just about everyone, and has been dealing with the consequences ever since. One has no say in the matter. The trauma of life happens. One has a lifetime to try out various coping mechanisms before the body becomes a corpse and the pain of existence comes to an end. One dies, none the wiser. Maybe there’s wisdom in knowing what is not true, clearing away self-deception. Sometimes a glimmer of clarity pierces through the thick fog.

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