Tuesday, August 2, 2016

state of mind

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During a morning walk Lohbado paused to reflect on how childhood seemed rosy. Maybe this attitude was purely sentimental nostalgia. Things sometimes seem nicer in retrospect. From childhood he remembered moments of walking in the bush, when the trees felt like old friends and the flowers seemed to want to talk to him. As he got old, the glow of faded a little. Everyday life sometimes appeared bleak. He yearned for a time, if such a time existed, when things were simple and lively.

As he contemplated the situation, he realized nothing had changed. Spinoza who suggested one's existence is an attribute or mode of infinite nature. The spacious brilliance of nature is always there. It's a question of being open to enjoy it. Due to habit, or a momentum of spacing out or running around in circles, the mind developed a momentum of ignoring things, or sorting reality into like and dislike. The mind became governed by hope and fear. It alternated between agitation and drowsiness. Clouds formed in his mind. Lohbado appreciated being able to set aside time each day to slow down, relax and contemplate the dynamic.

The idea is to give up expectation and to simply observe what appears to be going on. Slow down, look at the mind and pay attention.

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