Friday, September 9, 2016

sunrise Montreal

click on picture to see video. Lohbado woke at 4  AM due to heat and humidity. He had porridge for breakfast then enjoyed sunrise in the park. After a friendly good morning to other people in the park, Lohbado thought of symbolism. His favourite bedtime book is Finnegans Wake. It's a cheerful, life affirming book with mystical or religious sensibility.

Lohbado thought of how 1132 occurs often in Finnegans Wake. A description of 1132 and one interpretation of what it meant as described in the commentary of Anthony Burgess. 11 could refer to a cyclic vision of society, birth, maturity, decay and the fall, then birth again. One counts to ten, then at eleven begins again. 32 means the fall, how bodies fall at 32 feet per second. The cosmic cycle proposed by Giambattista Vico structures the book. Chapter one opens with the fall. Bricklayer Tim Finnegan falls off a ladder and dies. The wake begins. The last chapter ends at sunrise, when the sleeper begins to wake up. The last sentence of the book flows into the first sentence of chapter one. Here's another interesting interpretation of 1132.

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