Thursday, January 26, 2017

fear and confusion

What exactly do you fear most? It would be interesting to do a survey. Ask a hundred people to describe their fears. Lohbado sat down to look at his mind. It was like taking the lid off a petri dish. All sorts of thoughts swirling around, pulsating mental chatter. It often pulsated according to a mythological overlay of hope and fear, friend and enemy, good and bad. The mind might cling to anything and declare it to be good, then set off to evangelize, to save the world or to feel superior to bad people. If one can't find an enemy, create one. Or one might start hating oneself. The good thing about bad is it lets you feel good by virtue of feeling better than the bad. If all else fails... pour a cup of coffee and examine a donut. Try to find the centre and edge of a donut. Is the hole, which contains nothing, part of the donut? How can nothing be part of something?

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