Saturday, November 25, 2017

thinking connection

Black Friday, Brown Saturday, Pink Sunday, Green Monday, Blue Tuesday, there could be a colorful celebration for each day of the week. Each day would have a special activity. On Brown Saturday, Lohbado contemplated the nature of thinking.  He thought of thinking as a game of join the dots, notice what fits together according to an intension and what doesn't fit.

Close your eyes. Images, representations or reflections from a world swirl through the mind, along with emotions and memories. One notices some things but is oblivious to others. Most of what is happening is barely perceived and will quickly be forgotten. The mind could speculate and notice the endless network of causes and conditions, how things manifest in space and time, the ephemeral nature of human experience. One is born, matures, has ups and downs, gets old, sick, or has an accident and dies.

One could connect with the bigger picture, or stay enclosed within the restrictive boundaries of one's mental horizon, one's set of personal likes, dislikes or indifference. One could go beyond personality sometimes and celebrate the vibrant richness of the moment. In the vision of infinite nature, one doesn't have to be somebody doing something. Maybe the cosmos is a giant art project. What's beyond is unspeakable, inexpressible, unknowable. By virtue of understanding one's limitations one intuits something vast and profound.

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