Friday, May 14, 2010

Under Protection of the Easter Bunny

Within the safety of gold foil, chocolate Easter Bunny, hop around, eat chocolate and avoid danger. That sweet bunny, incidentally, I don’t eat sweets; those bunnies were for the family.

     They remind one against becoming self-absorbed and depressed. They act as a catalyst, so many chocolate bunnies on the kitchen table. Weather the psychic storm, follow the example of the Ancient Mariner, or the Flying Dutchman and give up hope of arriving somewhere or of ever achieving a domestic situation. I’m a proud member of the single, divorced middle-aged man category. I keep going for the sake of the children. Life long ago ceased to be amusing. Ok, don’t nurture negative thoughts.

     That’s where the Easter Bunny comes in handy, those comical chocolate shapes wrapped in gold foil. Line them up on the table. Take a picture. Smile and laugh. Go home. Read a book, Make pictures.

Go to the fast food restaurant down the street for coffee. Here comes the panhandler. I’ve given him change before. He’s annoying. Do I tell him, I too have no income? Maybe I could ask him for spare change.

Golden bunny, golden age, sentimentality, golden sun, dreams of sweetness, friendliness, good cheer, celebration, connection with others, bunnies offer that protection. There’s also the concealed aspect. In order to eat the bunnies, they have to be undressed. Perhaps such thoughts are rude. However, such implications are a deliberate part of the concept. Playboy bunnies, gold as wealth, sweetness of pleasure, endless consumption to satisfy physical and spiritual yearning, it’s all there, in each chocolate bunny. Don’t be afraid. It’s not a question of good or bad. People are funny creatures of appetite, desire, emotion, heartache, and yearning for meaning and connection to something beyond the imprisonment of time and space. It’s unavoidable to have thoughts and sensations. It's not a problem. Eat the chocolate and don't worry about it.

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