Thursday, October 13, 2011

door spirit

Through the open door, Lohbado caught a glimpse of a spirit, imprinted on the rock. The door spirit told Lohbado to eat in order to know. Eat hot dogs. Eat to feel solid, to weigh down the body that felt like a spirit.

The only action of the door is to open or close. One could go through the door, lean against the door, wait at the door. One could even lock the door. The door could also be viewed as a passage between at least two worlds, the world on one side of the door and the world on the other side of the door. There might be obstacles to going through the door.

To get to the door requires a journey, path, pilgrimage, odyssey, depending on how you see it or on what you want. The speed of passage could be taken into account. One might trip over the door step, stumble, lunge, fall or be pushed, trampled, dragged or escorted through the door.

The door itself might become a fetish object. One could fall in love with the door and turn it into an art object. The door could be made of marble, oak or metal and decorated with carvings, or gold leaf. The possibilities are endless.

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