Monday, June 3, 2013

ooo cha review

ooo cha
acrylic on paper

acrylic and pills on canvas

OOO CHA is a sound that can frequently be heard in any large city if one listens long enough. Lohbado first heard it as the sound of a super-bass, as a car drove by, stereo cranked up so loud, the windows of his apartment vibrated. OOO CHA is the thud of bass, providing a dance/chest-beating/head-banging rhythm.

Ooo Cha also likes to tango, the sound of love, being swept away in a wave of spine-tingling joy, breathless with intoxication, spaciousness and relaxation. In Club Morono, one can experience love any time, any place. One could be in a relationship with the earth and the sky and with forms in between. Lohbado is currently in a relationship with nature. He makes love to nature by stopping to look, listen, smell, taste and touch whatever may or may not be happening.

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