Monday, November 25, 2013

Lohbado point and shoot photography

Rows of rectangular florescent lights, windows from the building across the street reflected in the window, red drapery, plus the clutter of white foamy type pillows and a stack of yellow boxes, Lohbado took a picture. A man came running excitedly out of a shop. What are you doing? I'm taking a picture. Why are you taking a picture... the routine. Anyone who takes photos will eventually run into paranoia... Lohbado explained that he likes to take pictures for fun. The man frowned and went back inside. Lohbado continued taking pictures.

If Lohbado had a choice to be happy or unhappy, he'd choose to be happy. That's what he learned down at the Tabernacle, when he walked in there dizzy and trembling the other day. The Chief Nomroh told him he stood at a crossroads and had to choose, or stumble without choosing. The choice is whether to keep going or to collapse in a heap. To collapse is not an option. One has to keep going, even when the ground burns the bottom of one's feet and the wind burns the skin of one's face. When you collapse, things get a whole lot worse. It's worth the effort to make an effort. It's less painful.

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