Saturday, November 30, 2013

mental event

sumi ink on paper

acrylic on paper

Of course it all depends what you find most interesting, whether you prefer a action/adventure, a detective story, a western, romance, comedy, tragedy... Lohbado began with a failed attempt to describe what was going on by way of mental events. A mental event could be just about anything that comes to mind. A traffic light provides three types of mental events within the envelope of one. The traffic light is the event of making one pause to see which light is lit up. To know the meaning of one light involves knowing the meaning of all three lights, red, amber and green.

Lohbado frequently experienced the mental event of alternating clarity and confusion, sort of similar to light and shadow. Sometimes he'd notice something, but then his mind would sink back into a fog. Most often, a blur obscured his perception. A mental filter distorted things. A constant mental chatter sorted objects, people and situations into like, dislike and indifference, for me, against me or neutral... a whole set of self-based reactions.

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