Thursday, December 19, 2013

back in use

not in use

After a week of being sick, or not in use, Lohbado is now back in use. Taking time off to be sick allowed time to contemplate life and death. Not much Lohbado could say about death... What do you mean by death? What is the technical meaning of death?

One's body becomes a corpse. What happens after that is outside the realm of life. Whatever Lohbado could say only took place in the land of the living. If he could "be" dead, then he would not be dead, he'd be alive, because with death, there's no being, or at least, no self-centred being or identity. Other living beings could see the corpse and describe it. Is there mental activity in a corpse? Poke the corpse with a needle and see if the corpse yells "ouch" or flinches in pain. The corpse is an object that has lost ability to perform bodily functions.

Whenever Lohbado tried to imagine death, his mind blanked out. His thoughts could not exist independently of a physical, living reality. You could test the mind/body connection. Drink a few beers. See how that affects your thinking. Watch a scary movie, have a nap. Examine your mind in various situations. 

Don't get carried away. It's better to say less than to say too much. Sickness made his mind hop around like a flea.

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