Wednesday, December 4, 2013

window into the mind

Go in. See what's inside. Don't be afraid of the desolation. Some things mellow with age. I'm not talking about what's in the picture. The pictures are decorations, from Lohbado's image library.

Lohbado's secret ambition was to make his mind visible. What do you mean by mind? That's a very old question, with a variety of traditional responses. Have you actually thought about it? Did you ever sit down and try to find your mind?

Lohbado found Oogah, which sounds silly, but not when placed on the shelf beside other beliefs. With a leap of faith, you too could find Oogah. Pray for reason to be suspended, in order to open the doors of fantasy and the supernatural. The door is a structure, a rectangle. As fantasy peters out, one could look at the door one opened, as one attempted to transcend reality.

OOO, imagine if one went beyond reality into unreality... what a funny contradiction, the real experience of unreality. If you can experience it, it's not unreal, it is a mental attempt to jumble up things... like when you add a horn to a horse, you get a unicorn. You could fantasize about dying and being born into a giant palace of endless pleasure.

Outside looking in, Lohbado was tempted to pass through the door, into the florescent interior, where he could feel the fabric and listen to the squeak of his shoes on tile floor. He crossed the street to enjoy a panoramic view of the building. It brought back memories of his days wandering across the Plains of Radiation. Once his mind slowed down, he was able to enjoy flowers that sprang up through cracks in the paved world.

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