Wednesday, December 4, 2013

sneezing cough cold of the season

Enough fluid flowed from Lohbado's nostrils to wax the floor of a gymnasium. Clouds of wet particles coughed up from his lungs, enough to properly humidify a tropical green house... Thick gobs stronger than crazy glue leapt from his burning throat. Lohbado received the virus from a relay of coughers and sneezers, originating in some damp, cold place.

Lohbado lay on the sofa and alternated between reading, sleeping and gazing at the sky. In this way, Lohbado completed an Nomroh purification ritual which could result in direct communication with Oogah, not that there was much Oogah could say about it. It was more like a mental projection or figment of Lohbado's imagination. Sometimes he got carried away with demons from the imagination. It came in waves. No sooner would Lohbado feel good enough to get up from the sofa, when a surge of nausea would knock him off his feet.

As pressure built in his sinuses, Lohbado began to tremble and could see stars. In the ringing of his ears, he heard Oogah speak...

He caught the virus from Joe, who caught it at the Department, where many agents were forced to come in to work, even when sick. The boss didn't pay sick leave. If anyone complained about harsh working conditions, the boss got rid of the worker and found another. He could get someone with a PhD to do work that required the competence of a grade 6 education. Each new employee got paid less than the last. He even got people to work as unpaid interns. Top administrators smiled ear to ear and paid themselves generous year-end bonuses as the company scored record profits. Push Button Agents coughed and sneezed all over the push button consoles. The department was a real petri dish, a viral garden. Workers were asked to go on furlough, or unpaid leave. Administrators said it was because of the national debt. The company couldn't afford to pay the agents properly. The country was on the verge of ruin. Competition from other countries was stiff. The administrators grinned, with a self-satisfied twinkle in the eye.

On the weekend, Joe phoned Lohbado. Lohbado said, "Don't come over if you're sick."

Joe said he wasn't sick. Joe came over and couldn't stop coughing and sneezing. Lohbado got sick. Joe was happy to have company in misery. He laughed, "Now we're both sick, two sick men talking to each other, ha ha ha!" Lohbado shook his head.

He lay on the sofa and gazed at the overcast sky. Leafless branches swayed back and forth.

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