Wednesday, February 12, 2014

here to there

The Chief Nomroh encouraged Lohbado to write his memoirs. He also said to forget about the past. Let go of the past. Don’t try to be somebody. Don’t try to do anything. Appreciate the world. Appreciate yourself. Don’t be dogmatic.

    To make his memoirs readable, Lohbado tried to organize his memoirs into little stories and moments of reflection. Maybe he learned something, or maybe he didn’t. He viewed his life as a journey from here to there, perhaps as a spiritual journey.

    What do you mean by spiritual?

    Lohbado meant that from day one, right back to his earliest memories, he looked around and saw that everyone was suffering. He realized life was not fun, therefore, to cope with having been born, he would have no choice but to have fun. Life would not be fun unless he decided to have fun. So by spiritual, Lohbado meant that life appeared as a giant mystery. From a rational point of view, it made no sense to be in a situation that entailed mostly suffering. If he tallied up the pain and pleasure of existence, the pain would vastly outweigh the pleasure. From a business point of view, life was a poor investment. Life was not worth the effort of being born. Unfortunately, once born, you can’t make life go away. To cope, he decided to have fun. Of course the business model should not be applied to existence. It’s foolish to even mention it. Being foolish is part of the story.

    What do you mean by fun?

    Fun means you appreciate and enjoy the world of the senses. You stop, look and listen. In doing so, one might recognize the presence of a vast tissue of lies, the conditioned discourse one was taught to accept as being the truth. It didn’t take much reflection to experience cognitive dissonance underlying consensus reality. By fun, Lohbado didn’t mean being silly or mindless. On the contrary, having fun meant curiosity, openness, awareness and a sense of humor. Basically, slow down, relax and have a look.

Ok, the story part:

Nearly every morning Lohbado woke up groggy and grumpy. It was probably related to trouble breathing, due to the old rugs and rotting insulation, plus dampness of a basement. He discovered a connection between clogged throat and nose and grumpiness. After going for a morning walk, his breathing would even out and Lohbado would stop being grumpy.

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