Thursday, February 20, 2014

rusty pipe

How do you feel about your body? What would you like to say? The body experiences many sensations of various functions. Digestion, blood circulation, heartbeat, breathing, nervous energy, hormonal ups and downs, sometimes the body is torn about, pushed and pulled, squeezed and bloated. This affects the mind. Often a cloud covers the mind. The mind floats, oblivious to sight and sound. The mind sinks into a stupor, soft focus, day dream, cloud 9. For a few seconds, the mind awakens from dullness, experiences a little awareness, then blurs back into dullness again, or into agitation. The mind alternates between dullness and agitation, between day dream and compulsive thought loops, memories, emotions, concepts, fantasy, endless mental activity, neither good nor bad. That’s how it is with the mind, most of the time.

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