Saturday, May 17, 2014

cosmic road

lohbado on the road

from Lohbado's image library

No beginning and no end to the road, a while back, Lohbado drove an old road. Cracks in the pavement caught his fancy. He pulled over to study them and to take a few pictures. The road is an old analogy, driven to death, from birth to death. It gets worn, cracked and broken along the way.

Another analogy is food. Being born is like when a plate of food is placed on the table. One eats and gets eaten. One goes through the digestive tract of existence. One's corpse is buried or burned. The body returns to the elements. Another body is born.

The soul is like water in the glass. Identity is a like a glass container made out of DNA, education, economic and social status. One's consciousness is a set of opinions, beliefs, habits, thoughts. When the glass breaks, when the body becomes a corpse, the water in the glass spills on the ground, evaporates, flows back into the ocean, or whatever.

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