Thursday, January 22, 2015

copyright face

a lohbado digital painting
After reading about a painter, Luc Tuymans, found guilty of plagiarism for doing a painting of a newspaper clipping, Lohbado decided to take a copyright out on his face. Any form of recording, including memory, would be considered copyright violation. In other words, you can look at Lohbado, but you're not even allowed to remember him, since the act of memory involves reproduction of an image. So if you see Lohbado the day after first meeting him, you're supposed to act as if you've never seen him before, otherwise, you would be linking his presence with a memory reproduction of his face. You would have to have applied for permission to do so, otherwise it would be a copyright violation. Next Lohbado plans to copyright his smell. A person would have to ask Lohbado's permission before smelling his body odor.

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