Monday, January 19, 2015

Throat Clearing Howl

a Lohbado digital painting
Lohbado walked into town. There was no place for him to sit down in the plaza because they’d removed all the benches. Lohbado needed to sit down to rest his jelly legs. He quickly left the plaza, crossed the street and went to a park, a strip of pavement with cement blocks for benches along the street. A cement and plastic statue to the Almighty Dollar stood in a corner of the cement park. The statue featured a couple, laughing, mouths wide open so you could see their tonsils, LOL. A metal panel at the base of the statue asked people to press the Like button, since each press of the button generated revenue.

    Lohbado ended the throat-tightening strangulation with forceful throat clearing howl. A back slapping sound occurred as a jelloid wormlike substance sprawled across the pavement. He wiped saliva residue from his lips on to the back of his right hand. The throat clearing howl is an effective way to eject impurities from the throat and respiratory system. Lohbado followed up with a few moments of nostril clearing yoga. He was amazed at the amount of material that came out of his nose.

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