Monday, February 9, 2015

kind and reasonable

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Kind: slow to judge; patient enough to listen and to make an effort to understand. Understanding = compassion.

Reasonable: don’t be authoritarian or dogmatic. Everything is open to question. If it can’t be questioned, then it’s weak and vulnerable. Questioning involves contemplation, intelligence, reflection, clear seeing.

Clear seeing: clear is to notice how personal preferences filter one’s view and how strong emotions obscure the horizon. Naive views distort or limit one’s understanding.
Seeing is to let thoughts come and go without grasping and fixation. Clear seeing occurs when one is able to see withoiut the haze of hope and fear. Things appear as they are... Ok... do it and find out.

The Chief Nomroh said to not talk about this It’s not good to create expectations. ONe’s nature is infinite, clear, brilliant, piercing, but this nature is buried under layers of confusion. One’s confusion is aggressively protected. Swollen ego blocks the way. Ego uses strong emotions to intimidate or scare away threats to one’s ignorance.

Naive views, habits, opinions and beliefs obstruct understanding. Beware the club of naive views. It’s unpleasant to witness a display of fanatical devotion to ignorance. Ignorance is like when somebody takes pleasure in eating excrement and gets angry when somebody complains about the smell.

True friendliness, love, respect a sense of the sacred occur when one choses sanity.

Ok, what is sanity?

Back to the alphabet. The letter A is sane, stable, well-balanced with an apex pointing to infinity. Much has been written about the letter A. Friendliness means relax, be patient, generous, have a sense of humour. Don’t be aggressive. Don’t be moralistic. Life is a bewildering journey. We’re in it together.

Lohbado was confused. His memoir was an attempt to sort things out. He had books containing wisdom. he listened to wise people. There is often a gap between knowledge and experience, between concept and direct experience. It’s like the difference between describing beer and actually drinking it.

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