Friday, February 6, 2015

screen door dream

screen door dream
Lohbado experienced a falling downward momentum in a dream. He stumbled down a dirt trail through long grass and wild flowers to a two-story wooden house in the bush, where his grandmother died in the early seventies. They found her frozen body on the floor, beside the cast iron wood stove in the kitchen, during February.

In a dream Lohbado approached the screen door to the house during early July. Tiny holes let the flies get in. As he gazed through the mesh, he saw the ghost of grandmother. Her head began to detach from the body and slowly turned into the head of a horse, with blood shot eyes. She laughed and reached out to give Lohbado a hug. Lohbado got scared and woke up with chest pains. He was grateful to grandmother for her reminder that one day he would be a corpse; so don't waste time. No point being miserable. Do whatever it takes to enjoy the little bit of life left in you.

Lohbado was proud to be getting old. There’s nothing wrong with being over the hill. It’s irritating when you state that you’re getting old and you get the predictable reaction that you’re not old. You’re young. The message is you’re supposed to always be young. Every day Lohbado experienced aches and pains from angina to psoriasis, all related to the fact that humans, like everything else, eventually wear out.  Alas, one meets with a mountain of mindless platitudes to deny the reality that one day this body will be a corpse. What’s the point in pretending? Why not be honest? Compassion becomes an increasing possibility when instead of denying, minimizing or trivializing someone’s pain, you make an effort to understand and to acknowledge what is going on.

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