Wednesday, February 11, 2015

the essence of Lohbado

Lohbado is from an ancient spiritual tradition in which life is viewed as a journey from birth to death. Lohbado gravitated towards a few simple, but useful ideas to help him cope with the strangeness of existence.

    It is strange to be in a body, subject to bodily functions, with an overlay of consciousness or endless thinking. Each instant fades, gone forever, as new instants occur along an infinite trajectory. Sometimes Lohbado remembered being a child.As an old man, aches and pains broke his concentration. Memories faded. He didn’t remember much from youth anymore. Maybe he never was young. Maybe... ok, here’s where the strangeness begins, the sheer bizarre situation of not quite understanding...

    Understanding means wanting to know what’s going on. What’s going on is infinitely complex. Simple answers provide a superficial poke at the multiplicity of things happening. For example, Lohbado is sitting in a wobbly swivel chair. The chair is ready for the trash. He’ll use it until he finds a better chair. Sometimes people move and want to get rid of things. That’s how Lohbado acquired furniture. That’s one of the many techniques for living on a low budget. One could acquire an apartment full of furniture simply by catching things as they fly towards the dumpster. Lohbado even made furniture from wood he found lying around.

    This example shows how, while attempting to answer the question, one could get lost in a network of background information. Lohbado... who is Lohbado? What does the word Lohbado mean? Who were his parents and grandparents? What is his relationship status? Tell us about his family... and so on and so on. There’s no end to the background information.

    Why does he wear what he wears? Everyone has a personal style. Lohbado finds comfort in earth tones. It’s a question of temperament. This is another topic that has been written about, temperaments, colour preferences and style.

    Lohbado, (that’s the beauty of a camera, one picture is worth a thousand words)... Lohbado sat in a wobbly chair... and there’s a story about that that chair, for another time. He sat in front of a computer and decided to cut some of the morning confusion, the negative discursiveness that often obscured his mind in the morning. Often he woke up grumpy and irritated at the prospect of facing another day. To cut this negativity, it helped to take a moment to relax. Once relaxed, sit at the computer and take a sort of mental inventory.

    This is an idea he got from reading the famous Beckett’s trilogy, the three novels. The Beckett character would lie in bed, or be strapped in a chair. He would have a stick to bring things close or to push them away. There was a pot on a trolly table, one for food, one for bodily waste. Someone would take away the chamber pot each day and would provide food. The character had a pencil and notebook.

    The narrator or character alone, often in the dark, would decompose into a multiplicity of characters or voices. A voice comes to one in the dark....

    Ok, the point here is that Lohbado took a similar approach. Lohbado looking at Lohbado became two Lohbadoes. Lohbado looking at Lohbado looking at Lohbado became three Lohbadoes. This continued to infinity, without him ever getting closer to the essence of the one among many Lohbadoes.

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