Monday, March 16, 2015

origin fantasy

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Origin fantasy, no origin, infinite regress, a philosophical dictionary distinguished between beginning and origin. Beginning is like when you begin something. Origin is the commencement of the cosmos, of everything, of being. Origin is a fantasy without solution. Speculation ends with a shrug of the shoulders or a leap into faith and superstition, the realm beyond reason. Origin is another one of life’s mysteries, which even a few thousand years of science and philosophy has been unable to resolve.

Club Morono incorporates origin into the letter O. One’s mouth drops open in wonderment while contemplating origin, oh. What can you say? You could pretend to know. Such knowledge is based on someone already existing baking concepts out of already existing ingredients. If a true void or nothingness could exist, there would be nothing to generate an origin. If there was something already there, an origin would be unnecessary, since something would already be there. One could speak of beginning, as in beginning a new project or a new training program, but that’s not the same as origin. Even the big bang theory presupposed the existence of material which gave rise to the bang. The big bang is not the origin, except in terms of using what's already there to begin a cosmos.

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