Friday, March 6, 2015

spaghetti lunch ritual

Why is one thing considered interesting and something else not interesting? Often the criterion seems random, based on personal preference. Lohbado found as much fascination in a pickle jar as in contemplating a rose. Of course, the beauty of a rose is mind-blowing. However, the texture and aroma of a jar of dill pickles is fascinating. A video about a rose might be more popular, because roses are considered pretty, whereas dill pickles look sort of like frogs. They’re not so pretty. Must one’s interest be limited to the pretty? Is one supposed to only look at pretty pictures of puppies, kittens, sail boats, landscapes, beautiful people, flowers? Is one supposed to not look at bowls, sardines, potatoes, brick walls, sidewalks, branches? Is there a reason why the interests or pursuits of the mind should be limited?

To Lohbado, pretty much everything was interesting, from the lowly potato to a diamond. A diamond is luminous, clear and beautiful. However, a potato has its charm, the power of earth, especially one just dug up. It feels raspy in the hand, has a damp funky aroma, something that lived in the ground until someone pulled it up and decided to eat it. The potato has to be cleaned, perhaps peeled. It could be prepared in a variety of fashions, boiled, baked, fried, scalloped, mashed, made into gnocchi or perogies. 

Club Morono does not take the snob approach to things. In fact, everything in the world of phenomena is worthy of attention. Of course, this could lead to a discussion about good and evil, about sad passions and joyous passions, the helpful or the harmful. However, even to understand harm, one first has to examine it. One pays attention to details then figures out how to deal with situations. Ignoring some things while gravitating to others provides a one sided view. With all that said and done, Lohbado preferred Irish ale to mass produced acidic pilsner from the corner store. However, even a cheap pilsner tastes great when it's all you can afford. It's nice to have experienced both, to make an informed choice as opposed to mindless reaction based on habit. 

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