Tuesday, July 18, 2017

how to feel good again

It's helpful to have a variety of methods to cheer up when you're retired or getting old and grumpy. Of course, this applies to anyone at any age. A powerful way to feel good on a summer day in Montreal, go for a bike ride and enjoy the many parks and funky places to relax. Have fun with sights and sounds.

Lohbado's approach: be honest about the pain, then follow a creative discipline. No need to be harsh, moralistic or judgemental towards oneself and others. We're all in it together. Nobody has it easy. Maybe life could be viewed as a giant carnival. With a sense of humour, one could go beyond the limitations of one's personality and enjoy a panoramic view of the situation. Open the mental horizon to infinite possibilities. Let the pain dissolve. One could have fun.

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