Tuesday, July 11, 2017

noyau lumineux

Luminous cell, nucleus, core, egg, origin of life, vital spirit, one is born. Intelligence is useful for sorting things out according to survival needs, for helping one come up with a plan of action. Eventually intellect turns to speculative thinking. The mind could open up to new experience and evolve, or it could recoil and stay within the familiar.

Noyau lumineux is an expression from Henri Bergson's L'evolution créatrice, a book Lohbado purchased two weeks ago at a thrift shop. He's only read about 50 pages so far. There's an interesting discussion about creativity as a type of spontaneity or openness to new experience or new ways of thinking, as opposed to simply recreating or reproducing the already known. One could easily reach into drawers or file folders, juggle around with preexisting concepts and produce something according to a familiar model. The creative intellect evolves beyond mechanistic or goal orientated thinking. There's a passion to go beyond, to place no limits on exploration of inner and outer worlds. It's part of elan vitale, or vital spirit, the passion or zest to explore, without hesitation or uptightness.

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